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Google Ads

Google, being one of the most widely used search engines, is no stranger to an increasing virtual audience. Every second, over a million people search Google, and the vast majority of the searches are supported by ads.

Businesses can use Google Ads to get their services and products in front of potential clients. However, there are different types of Google Ads. Knowing the right ads according to your business status and budget is one of the essential factors.

Ample Websol can help you carefully and effectively implement the marketing tactics to utilize the abilities of Google Ads and turn them into a highly effective method of bringing customers to your website. All you have to do is be transparent with us about the budget, desires, and objectives related to the campaign and the rest is our responsibility to place and display your ads to optimize the growth of your business.

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Google Ads

Google Ads Services

Different types of Google Ads that help your business grow and flourish.

Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads are image-based which helps you target those who are probably interested in your items but aren’t actively seeking them. A random display ad pop-up fastens up the purchasing process.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are product-based ads that help to increase sales by giving customers crucial product details like its name, price, and retailer. It is generally done with the help of images.

Local Ads

Local Ads

Local ads campaign attempts to promote your locations throughout Google properties and networks while maximizing your in-store value usually store visits, call clicks, or direction clicks.

Our Strategies

Effective Ad Design

Generating clear and concise ads for Google to show to your customers that convey your organization’s message flawlessly and grab your customer’s attention is our top priority.

Determining Target Demographic

Understanding the intended audience and consumer type of your business and customizing ads to match the demographic’s interests to boost your company’s reach.

Keyword Planning

Negative keywords prevent your ad from showing up in results that are unrelated to the services you provide. We optimize the accurate keyword while eliminating the negative ones.


Some frequently asked questions about Google Ads.

PPC is another famous type of internet advertising in which a publisher is charged each time an advertisement link is “clicked” on. It is also referred to as the cost-per-click (CPC) method of advertising.

Once you are done designing your ad, google reviews it. It reviews the ad’s content, including the title, description, keywords, destination, and any photos and videos. As your ad passes the review standard, its status will automatically change to “Eligible” and it’s ready to run.


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