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Business Email Solutions

The email appears straightforward to users because the complexity on the back end is handled by your email provider. You can get by with if you’re just starting out, but if your business expands and you want to provide each employee with their own email account, you’ll need to make an investment in a dedicated email hosting service.

Although it is still possible, theoretically speaking, to operate your own email server, doing so is time-consuming, difficult for everyone to use, and probably not a wise use of anyone’s time.

Ample Websol services help you to save time while maintaining all the hardships of email management. Our professionals help to create and manage your business e-mail accounts and give you the chance to enjoy the process of emailing. Apart from that, we have 10+ services available at our end-of-Business Email Solutions.

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Business Email Solutions

Why Choose Us

User-Friendly & Affordable

You receive a robust and user-friendly business email server that will enable you to manage all of your daily email activities with ease at an affordable price.

No Spam Message

You may find spam emails annoying, and we are aware of this. As a result, our email hosting comes with a cutting-edge anti-spam tool that guarantees your complete protection against spam emails.

Advance Anti-Virus

With Ample Websol’s 100% secure and safe business email hosting service, you get an excellent antivirus firewall system to safeguard your business email server from dangerous files and viruses.

Best Control Panel

You receive an advanced and user-friendly control panel with the Ample Websol business email hosting service, which serves as a single destination for all email configurations and customization.

Video Conference

With our cutting-edge business email hosting solution, enjoy lag-free video conferences and boost the effectiveness and interaction of your business interactions.

Chat Or File Sharing

You can give your team a fully interactive virtual workspace with us where they can easily and without any restrictions chat and share files.

Huge Storage Drive

Get rid of your limited storage space and profit from a large storage drive for a very affordable price compared to other providers of corporate email hosting.

Anytime Anywhere

Get a reliable backup of your emails and remote access to your email account at any time.


Some frequently asked questions about Business Email Solutions.

You can set up an email address with a @company name using your own company or brand name thanks to email domains.

When a hosting service provider maintains your whole E-mail functioning, it is quite possible that they can charge more.


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