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Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing simply means marketing using the internet through various sources such as social media, websites, videos, etc. This is the easiest possible way to attract the attention of the masses as in the 21st century most of us have become netizens, a terminology that defines someone who is found online 24 / 7 and does most of their activities using the internet. We are the generation that gets glued to some screen or the other. It goes without saying that all tend to go through the things that are handy and easily accessible. Since the day phones went smart we hardly ever use print media or anything that has been conventional. Since the prices of the gadgets have gone down drastically almost all people prefer to buy a smartphone. A smartphone is simply the one that has an internet connection with the features of using emails and social media. Products ranging from a pin to a plane are being marketed digitally these days. This could be made possible by the virtue of technological revolution.

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Lead Generation simply means to have an inquiry that can be translated into orders. People these days tend to search the items they want to buy on a search engine which simply provides them with the links that carry tons of information detailing features and benefits of the products resulting to help them to make a decision to buy it. All the companies which are marketing their products digitally display their contact details enough to encourage a user to contact via phone calls or emails.

Website Optimization

This is all about the reviews of all that we present on the website. There are certain keywords that people use to search on a search engine and if the same is on the website it is sure to appear there. For example: If a website contains the words ‘fast food’ and the same is searched on the search engine, the concerned website link will appear there. If a website is not optimized the same procedure is sure to fail.

Website Speed

Speed does matter. We live in a 4G era where people want everything instantly. Imagine you visit a website that consumes more than expected time and it’s likely that the said visitor will quit as they find it sucks. It is but obvious that a website must have an expected speed or else it will fail to generate leads.

Website Traffic

What if no one knows about your well – constructed, well – designed website? One has to make sure to bring awareness about one’s website through various media, including print media. Nowadays it is a trend that people get their websites printed on their business cards and newspaper ads. This attracts all as it generates curiosity in the minds of the readers and viewers.

Website Interaction

It is necessary to put up an attractive form available so that a visitor may leave their queries resulting in obtaining leads. It is necessary to have a form in the simplest possible format in order to be filled in without hesitation. This will help a visitor to have a say for the purpose of their visit.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is popularly known as SEO. This plays a vital role so far as searching something on a search engine is concerned. Without SEO a website can’t be searched on a searched engine as the operator of the same fail to locate and pop it without this procedure. This process helps people to have the wanted links that appear on the engine as soon as one begins to type it on the bar provided by the operator.


On-page SEO is likely to have about 90 percent leads as a visitor gets satisfactory information from the concerned websites. A visitor tends to rely more on On-page SEO as they feel that they are going through the original source. A website title, description, keywords, and images make a great impact.


Off-Page SEO matters too, but it is less likely to generate leads because it is done through third parties through sharing links or by having associations that might be considered secondary by a visitor.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

In the digital world hits and clicks make a great difference as it can be estimated how many people have tried to go through the contents and open the concerned links. It is easy to understand the trends which make an investor help make a decision as they have a feeling that the same can be profitable. This makes it very easy for an investor to re-plan their advertising budgets. Gradually it can help one consolidate their investment as it’s easy to trace the territory and the location of hits and clicks.

Google Paid Ads

Once a website meets the norms of Google it begins to popularize it and websites begin to contain ads and in this circumstance, a visitor is sure to go through the ads and the same compels to generate leads. It is something like TV viewership. It’s almost impossible for a viewer to quit or stop watching a program of their interest during a commercial break.

Social Media Paid Ads

This has a great impact on the minds of social media users. They keep scrolling up and down on their walls all day long and the evasion of an ad is again impossible as ads are pushed by the social media operators themselves. Fast-growing social media popularity again makes it effective for the companies to have their ads on it as conventional ads are simply ignored these days by those whose eyes remain glued to phone and computer screens.

Social Media

It goes without saying that social media are being used by more than forty percent of the total world population and creates a scenario for the business world to invest more in it. Since they are the global platforms all want to have their participation and contribution. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.  can be found on everyone’s phones. Their choices may vary from country to country, but they have an ample market share. All the new phones come with inbuilt apps these days which are updatable and downloadable.

Social Media Interaction

Social Media Interaction is so easy as they provide comment boxes to acquire comments of the participants encouraging them to have their say or to have a word with the concerned posters. In most cases, the participants get an instant reaction or reply and this system makes this norm interesting. This might result in getting leads like the one who has been interacted will get convinced to go for the targeted products.

Social Media Pages

Social Media Pages are becoming popular day by day as it’s free to create a page and the service provider markets this as they get money for the boost. This is really sensible as thousands can find that ad on their walls and the users or participants are encouraged to like it just because they feel to get magnificent benefits from it. “Like Pages” are bound to generate leads as they keep publishing something or the other that makes the users of social media curious enough to learn more about that product. In some instances, it has been found that a user directly inquiries about the products and are found to ask where they can avail that product. This proves that that user had been looking for that product and had a desire to go for it as soon as they got it.

Social Media Followers

Social Media Followers are very much likely to share the things they like and thus resulting in faster circulation of an ad which eventually helps generate leads. This is proof that if something is unique or many beneficial people keep sharing and the circulation of the same becomes the fastest intending to acquire an overnight success what we term as ‘go viral’. Social Media Followers are the evidence of success as they indirectly patronize that product. In some cases, it has been found that the people who follow a page or is a member of a group suggest their friends and acquaintance join or like.

Email Marketing

Since most of the world businesses depend on emails it becomes so easy to access a user through the data bank lying with a service provider. It is a human tendency to at least check their emails frequently and they do go through them if they find them beneficial. Since an email has a reply option a user tends to ask for the quotation and it’s an easy procedure to send them the most competitive prices so that the lead can be translated into orders.

Host a webinar

A webinar is just a seminar conducted on the net, but this is again likely to have much wider participation as it opens the door to all who use the internet without making their physical attendance. This is such a nice platform to generate leads as one can collect all the required information here without any monetary loss. One can clear one’s doubts regarding the products through one on one interaction.


In a nutshell, this is crystal clear that digital marketing is good enough to generate maximum leads at a much lower cost comparatively. One can’t imagine a faster growth without the use of digital marketing. Moreover, there are so many agencies that can do it on a payment basis. Hence, the investor doesn’t have to make much effort to market their products digitally.

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