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Revamped a Fijian Website into a Lead Generating Machine

How we Revamped a Fijian Website into a Lead Generating Machine

About the Project

Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited, a Leading Industrial Equipment Distributor and Supplier in Fiji and the South Pacific, partnered with Ample Websol, a Website Development Company in Fiji to Embark on a Transformative Journey in Website Development and SEO Optimization. With a Legacy Spanning over 50 Years, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited Recognized the Need to Revamp its Online Presence to align with Modern Standards and Enhance its Visibility in Search Engine Rankings.

The Project focused on overhauling Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website to improve User Experience, Streamline Navigation, and Optimize Lead Generation through SEO Strategies. Ample Websol conducted an In-Depth Analysis of the Existing Website, Identifying Key Areas for Enhancement, including an Outdated Design, Limited Functionality, and Poor Content Organization.

Through Meticulous Planning and Execution, Ample Websol implemented a Comprehensive Redesign of the Website’s UI/UX, incorporating Advanced Features and Interactive Elements to Engage Visitors Effectively. The Team also Prioritized SEO Optimization, ensuring that the Website’s Content, Structure, and Metadata were Aligned with Industry Best Practices to Enhance Visibility and Drive Organic Traffic.

The Revamped Website now serves as a Dynamic Digital Hub, showcasing Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Extensive Range of Quality Products and Exceptional Service Offerings. With a Focus on Website Development and SEO, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited is Well-Positioned to expand its Online Footprint, Attract More Prospects, and Achieve Sustained Business Growth in the Competitive Digital Landscape.

Problems they Faced

Before Partnering with Ample Websol, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website faced Several Critical Issues that hindered its Performance and Effectiveness. To Fully Leverage their Digital Presence and Meet their Business Goals, it was Essential to Address these Challenges. Here are the Key Problems they Encountered:

Outdated Design & Layout Issues

Their Website Suffered from an Outdated Design and Poor Layout, Negatively impacting User Experience and Engagement. The Cluttered and Confusing Layout led to High Bounce Rates and Low Retention, Failing to Reflect the Company’s Leading Status in Fiji and the South Pacific. Updating to a Modern, Intuitive Design was Essential to Enhance Usability, Establish Credibility, and Keep Visitors Engaged, Improving the Website’s Overall Effectiveness.

Lack of Functionalities

Their Website lacked Essential Functionalities for a Modern Online Presence. The Absence of Interactive Features and User-Friendly Elements Hindered Engagement and Lead Conversion. Without Dynamic Content, Interactive Product Showcases, and Robust Contact Forms, the Site Failed to meet User Expectations and Business Goals. Implementing these Functionalities was Crucial to Enhance User Experience, Drive Engagement, and Improve Lead Generation, supporting Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Growth and Service Excellence.

Poor Content Organization

Their Website faced Challenges with Poor Content Organization, making it difficult for Users to find Vital Product and Service Information. This led to Frustration and High Bounce Rates. The Lack of Clear Categorization and Intuitive Navigation Resulted in a Subpar User Experience. Improving Content Organization was Essential to ensure Easy Access to Detailed Product Descriptions, Service Offerings, and Resources. By Restructuring the Content and Enhancing Navigation, we aimed to Provide a Seamless Browsing Experience, Boosting User Satisfaction and Engagement.

Inadequate Lead Capture Forms

Their Website lacked Effective Lead Capture Forms, hampering Lead Generation Efforts. The Absence of User-Friendly Forms Limited Customer Engagement and Hindered Sales and Marketing Efforts. Implementing Well-Designed Forms is Crucial for Gathering Visitor Data and Converting Prospects into Customers. By Optimizing Form Placement and Functionality, we aimed to Enhance Lead Generation, Improve Customer Interactions, and Drive Business Growth for Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited.

Insufficient Product and Service Information

Their Website lacked Sufficient Product and Service Information, hindering Visitor Engagement. Incomplete or Poorly presented Details about their Offerings made it Challenging for Potential Customers to Grasp the Full Range of Products and Services. This Deficiency Led to User Confusion and Reduced Conversions. Enhancing the Presentation and Accessibility of Information was Crucial. By Providing Detailed, Well-Organized Content, we aimed to Improve User Understanding, Build Trust, and Drive Conversations, Ensuring the Website served as a Valuable Resource for Prospective Clients.

Comprehensive Solutions We Provided

When Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited Approached Us, their Website was Struggling to Meet the Demands of a Modern Digital Landscape. Despite being a Leading Distributor and Supplier in Fiji and the South Pacific, their Online Presence was Plagued with Several Critical Issues that Hampered UI/UX and Business Growth. Below are the Key Problems Ample Websol Team Identified and Addressed:

Revamped UI/UX Design

To Enhance Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website, we Completely Revamped the UI/UX Design. Our Goal was to Create a Modern, Intuitive Interface that Would Engage Users and Reflect the Company’s Status as a Leading Distributor and Supplier in Fiji and the South Pacific. We Focused on Clean, User-Friendly Layouts and Aesthetically pleasing Visuals to ensure an Enjoyable Browsing Experience. By Incorporating Best Practices in UI/UX Design, we aimed to Improve Navigation, Increase User Retention, and Reduce Bounce Rates. The Revamped Design not only Improved Usability but also Strengthened the Brand’s Online Presence, making it easier for Visitors to find the Information they Need and Engage with the Company’s Offerings.

Enhanced Functionality

To Transform Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website into a Powerful Business Tool, we Significantly Enhanced its Functionality. We Integrated Advanced Features such as Dynamic Content, Interactive Product Showcases, and Robust Contact Forms. These Improvements were Essential for Engaging Visitors and Converting them into Leads. The Addition of These Functions not Only Made the Site more Interactive and User-Friendly but also Ensured it could Support the Company’s Sales and Marketing Efforts Effectively. By Implementing these Advanced Features, we aimed to Boost User Satisfaction, Increase Engagement, and Drive Lead Generation, Ultimately Supporting Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Growth and Service Excellence.

Streamlined Navigation

To Enhance the User Experience on Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website, Ample Websol Streamlined the Navigation Structure. Our Focus was on Creating an Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Menu System that allowed Visitors to Quickly find the information they needed. By Organizing Content into Clear Categories and Implementing a Logical Hierarchy, we Ensured Seamless Access to Product Details, Services, and Resources. This Streamlined Navigation not only Improved User Satisfaction but also Reduced Bounce Rates and Increased Time Spent on the Site. With a User-Friendly Navigation System, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website now offers a More Efficient and Enjoyable Browsing Experience, helping Visitors to Engage More Deeply with the Company’s Offerings.

Comprehensive Product Information

Ample Websol enhanced Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website by Providing Comprehensive Product Information. We have given Detailed Information for Each Product and Service, ensuring that Visitors can Easily Access and Understand the Full Scope of Offerings. This Included In-Depth Descriptions, Specifications, High-Quality Images, and User Guides. By Organizing and Presenting this Information Clearly, we aimed to Reduce User Confusion and Improve the Decision-Making Process. Enhanced Product Information not only Builds Trust and Credibility but also Drives Conversations by helping Potential Customers make Informed Choices. This Improvement Ensured that Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Website effectively Supported Business Growth and Customer Satisfaction.

Benefits They Have Got

Through Our Collaboration with Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited, Ample Websol delivered a Range of Benefits that Significantly Improved their Online Presence and Business Operations:

Enhanced User Experience: The Revamped Website Design and Streamlined Navigation provided Visitors with a Seamless and Enjoyable Browsing Experience, Leading to Increased Engagement and User Satisfaction.

Improved Brand Visibility: By Implementing Dynamic SEO-Friendly Content and Optimizing the Site for Search Engines, we Enhanced Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited’s Online Visibility, helping them Attract more Organic Traffic and Reach a Wider Audience.

Increased Lead Generation: The Addition of Strategically placed Lead Capture Forms and Interactive Elements improved Lead Generation Capabilities, Enabling Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited to Capture More Valuable Leads and Grow their Customer Base. Through SEO Strategies, we Generated over 1,000 Inquiries in One Month.

Better Conversion Rates: Comprehensive Product Information and Enhanced Functionality Facilitated Informed Decision-Making, Resulting in Higher Conversion Rates and Increased Sales Opportunities for Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited.

Stronger Brand Credibility: With a Modern and Professional Website Design, Coupled with Detailed Product Information and User-Friendly Navigation, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited was able to Establish Stronger Brand Credibility and Trust Among its Target Audience.

Overall, Ample Websol’s collaboration with Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited Resulted in Tangible Benefits that Supported their Business Growth and Success in the Competitive Online Landscape.


The Development Company of the Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited Website is Ample Websol, which is a Prominent Website Development Company in Vadodara. Ample Websol has been one of the Leading Website Development Companies in Vadodara providing Top Quality Solutions to their Clients.

Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited Recognized the Need to Revamp its Online Presence and Enhance its Visibility in Search Engine Rankings. They Choose to Partner with Ample Websol for their Expertise in Website Development and SEO Optimization.

Ample Websol provided Comprehensive Solutions by Revamping the UI/UX Design, Enhancing Functionality, Streamlining Navigation, and Providing Comprehensive Product Information.

The Benefits included Enhanced User Experience, Improved Brand Visibility, Increased Lead Generation, Better Conversion Rates, and Stronger Brand Credibility.


In Conclusion, the Collaboration between Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited and Ample Websol has led to a Transformative Journey in Website Development and SEO Optimization. As a Leading Website Development Company in Fiji, Ample Websol Addressed the Key Challenges Faced by Clyde Equipment’s Website and Implemented Comprehensive Solutions. Now, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited boasts a Modern, User-Friendly Website that Effectively Showcases its Products and Services. With Enhanced Visibility, Increased Lead Generation, and Improved Brand Credibility, Clyde Equipment (Pacific) Limited is Well-Positioned for Sustained Growth and Success in the Competitive Digital Landscape. This Project Highlights the Expertise of Ample Websol a Premier Website Design Company in Fiji and an SEO Company in Fiji

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