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Softamo Education Group

Got 4.5 M+ Impressions in 1 Year

Softamo stands among one of the Best MBBS Consultants in India. They provide Personalized Assistance in Building a Bright Future for you through Perfect Counseling and Well-Researched Guidance on Every Aspect of your Future.


Delhi, India



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Since 2018

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Softamo Education Group, a consultancy specializing in MBBS abroad, faced limitations due to an outdated website hindering their audience reach. They partnered with Ample Websol to revamp the website, implementing modern design and SEO strategies. This overhaul, coupled with targeted paid ad campaigns, significantly increased their online visibility and enabled them to better serve aspiring MBBS students.

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Visibility Challenge

They struggled with online visibility, making it difficult for potential clients to find their website.

Traffic Handling

The website couldn’t handle increased traffic, causing slow performance and occasional crashes.

Lead Generation

The website struggled to effectively engage visitors and generate interest in Softamo’s services, leading to insufficient potential client inquiries.

Solution We Offered

Solution We Offered


Website Revamp

Our team redesigned the website, improving aesthetics, functionality, and user experience to better engage visitors effectively.

SEO Optimization

Ample Websol optimized Softamo’s website for higher search engine rankings, boosting visibility for MBBS consultancy searches.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We ran targeted online ads, like social media and Google Ads, to attract potential MBBS consultancy clients to website.

Tech and Resources

Tools & Technologies, We Used:

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Key Features

  • Enhanced Call-To-Action Elements Prompt User Engagement and Interaction.
  • The Website Ensures Fast Loading Speed for Quick Page Refresh.
  • The Design is Optimized for Mobile Devices, Ensuring Accessibility Across All Platforms.
  • The Website Boasts User-Friendly Navigation for a Seamless Browsing Experience.
  • We integrated a chatbot into the Softamo website, enabling real-time responses to visitor queries.


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Increased Traffic

After Ample Websol’s solutions, Softamo saw a significant traffic boost, with more visitors exploring and engaging with the website’s content.

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Improved Lead Generation

Softamo’s website changes and targeted digital marketing campaigns increased lead generation, prompting more visitors to express interest and inquire further.

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Enhanced User Experience

The website redesign and optimization enhanced user experience, making it easier and more enjoyable for visitors to navigate Softamo’s site.

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Enhanced Brand Awareness

Softamo witnessed enhanced brand recognition through targeted digital marketing and improved website visibility, establishing itself as a trusted MBBS consultancy.

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Higher Conversion Rates

Enhanced website design, optimized content, and strategic marketing efforts led to increased conversion rates, transforming more visitors into leads or clients for Softamo.

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