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Smita Engineering

Beaten Directory Listing Sites in SERP through SEO

Smita Engineers is the Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Wire Stripping and Machines, known for Affordability, Customization, and Prompt Delivery.


Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Machinery Manufacturer

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Since 2020

Smita Engineers, based in Vadodara, is a leading manufacturer of wire stripping machines. They offer a comprehensive range of machines for wire and cable recycling purposes, including wire stripping machines, scrap cable granulators, and scrap shredder machines. Initially, Smita Engineers relied on directory listing sites like India Mart and Justdial for online visibility but found the results to be unsatisfactory. Seeking to improve their brand presence and online performance, Smita Engineers partnered with Ample Websol for website development, SEO optimization, and graphic design services.

Smita Engineers

Solution We Offered

Solution We Offered


Website Development

We developed a modern, SEO-friendly Website that emphasizes User-Friendliness, Comprehensive Product Information, and Professional Design.

SEO Optimization

Implemented advanced SEO strategies to enhance Search Engine Rankings and Online Visibility, resulting in outperforming Major Directory Listing Sites.

Graphic Design

Provided Creative Graphic Designs and a Professional Brochure to Strengthen Smita Engineers’ Brand Image.

Tech and Resources

Tools & Technologies, We Used:

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Key Features

  • A visually appealing and user-friendly interface to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Integrated essential features such as product galleries, detailed product pages, and easy navigation to improve the overall user experience.
  • Ensured seamless access and usability across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Optimized the website structure and content to improve search engine visibility and achieve higher search rankings.
  • Provided detailed descriptions, specifications, images, and product videos for all products to assist users in making informed decisions.
  • Implemented easily accessible contact forms and support features to facilitate communication and enhance customer support.


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Improved Search Rankings

The SEO strategies led to the website outperforming directory giants like India Mart and Justdial in search results.

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Increased Online Presence

The modern, SEO-friendly website significantly enhanced Smita Engineers’ online presence and brand visibility.

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Increased User Engagement

The modern design and comprehensive product information resulted in higher user engagement and satisfaction.

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Better Lead Generation

Enhanced functionality and clear product information facilitated better lead generation and customer inquiries.

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Strengthened Brand Image

The creative graphic designs and professional brochure contributed to a more cohesive and stronger brand image.

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