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Octabees EPC ERP

Gained Global Leads with Top Web Solution

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OctaBees is a leading All in One enterprise software with cutting-edge cloud and mobile applications to manage end-to-end business processes for EPC companies to increase productivity and profitability.


Vadodara, Gujarat, India


IT Industry

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Since 2023

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Octabees simplifies data management for various industries by offering an all-in-one ERP solution. Previously, maintaining diverse data in notebooks led to errors. Now, with Octabees, businesses can manage CRM, Projects, Inventory, Purchases, Operations, and Maintenance seamlessly. Ample Websol has developed a website to showcase Octabees’ features and functionality, providing businesses with a centralized platform for efficient operations.

About of Octabees


Insufficient Lead Generation

The Previous Website failed to Attract Leads, causing Missed Opportunities for Business Expansion.

Limited Traffic Capacity

Inadequate Traffic Handling Capacity Resulted in Performance Issues and Potential Customer Dissatisfaction.

International Market Entry Barriers

Website Issues Hindered Effective Engagement with International Audiences, impeding Expansion Efforts.

Solution We Offered

About of Octabees


Website Revamp

Our Team overhauled the Website, focusing on Aesthetics, Functionality, and User Experience to Engage Visitors Effectively.

SEO Optimization

We applied Advanced SEO Strategies to Boost Website Visibility, Improve Search Engine Rankings, and attract Organic Traffic.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Tailored Meta and Google Ads Campaigns Targeted Specific Audience Segments, Driving Relevant Traffic.

Tech and Resources

Tools & Technologies, We Used:

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Digital Marketing

Key Features

  • The Website Boasts User-Friendly Navigation for a Seamless Browsing Experience.
  • The Website Ensures Fast Loading Speed for Quick Page Refresh.
  • The Design is Optimized for Mobile Devices, Ensuring Accessibility Across All Platforms.
  • Enhanced Call-To-Action Elements Prompt User Engagement and Interaction.
  • Pricing Tables Features Effortless Currency Conversion from Rupees to Dollars.
  • A Customized and Responsive Journey Graph Provides a Visual Representation of User Interactions and Experiences.


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Increased Traffic

Our Clients’ Websites Experienced a Significant Surge in Traffic due to Robust SEO Strategies and Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns.

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Improved Lead Generation

The Revamped Website Now Generates more Leads, showcasing Enhanced Effectiveness in Capturing and Converting Potential Customers.

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Enhanced User Experience

Visitors enjoy a more Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface, Leading to Longer Session Duration and Increased Engagement.

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Expansion into International Markets

With Optimized Website Performance and Successful Digital Marketing, our Client Expanded Globally, tapping into New Growth Opportunities.

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Better Handling of Traffic

Our Improved Website Infrastructure Seamlessly manages Higher Traffic Volumes, ensuring a Smooth Browsing Experience without Downtime.

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